The BEEUC project has two main objectives:

The BEEUC project has two main objectives:

1) raise the awareness of the importance of European
Citizenship in persons belonging to regions that generally
are outside of the decision centers within our countries –
inclusion and diversity across intercultural and
intergenerational fields;

2) Promote European citizenship with the help of the
different countries art forms (music, dance, band,…) –
European identity, citizenship and values.


Polytechnic University of Guarda (IPG)


The IPG, founded in 1980, is an HEI oriented to student formation, research and investigation activities, services to the community and cultural, scientific and technical exchange. The Polytechnic Institute of Guarda has four schools and UDI. This institution has about 4000 students and over 200 teachers in the current academic year. IPG is very active in international programs and has been participating in or coordinating several KA2 projects (TEMPUS + ERASMUS+). IPG has many agreements, cooperation and projects in the framework of Erasmus +, Tempus, and International Credit Mobility with institutions from all over Europe and other countries outside Europe.

IPG is experienced in international collaboration in developing training programs for partner countries (e.g. Turkey and Ukraine). We finished coordinating an ERASMUS+ KA2 project -Teaching and Learning in Special Education with ICT (TELESEICT 2016-2019)

It has, or is, participating in many other European and KA2 projects, a partial list of these programs included: TEMPUS SEHUD (Ukraine); several programs emphasising inclusive education in different countries: IP-ERASMUS IP-Teachwise 2 (Teacher Education for Working with Inclusive Education in School), Fredericia, Denmark; IP-Teachwise 3 (Teacher Education for Working with Inclusive Education in School), IPG, Portugal; IP-Intimets 3 (Integrative Teaching in Multicultural Environment for Teacher Students), Sakarya, Turkey; IP-IES 1 and II (Intercultural Education for Sustainability), IPG, Portugal; IP-USDEC I and II (Using Schools for Developing European Citizenship), Sakarya, Turkey; IP-DESI I and III (Developing Effective Schools for Inclusion), Sakarya, Turkey

University of Patras


University of Patras is one of the leading research and teaching institutions, and the fourth largest in Greece, constantly aiming for excellence through the creation, utilization, transfer and application of knowledge. In 2014, the University of Patras celebrated 50 years of Academic operation, marked by continuous development and constantly emerging new achievements. Its success is built on a strong partnership with its students and academic staff and a clear focus on high performance, enhancing UPatras’ position as a world-class university with a strong academic reputation and a commitment to excellence.

UPatras is ranked between the top 1000 Universities in the world.

UPatras provides students with opportunities, choices and support that will enable them to achieve their individual aspirations and to become leaders in their chosen scientific fields, by continually discovering and practicing innovative approaches to fostering student engagement and employability.

For the time being our University has about 50.000undergraduate students and 4.000 Postgraduate students.


The BEEUC project

Let’s strength cooperation and the European Citizenship between groups, between the people, between EUROPEANS!

Using a choir, a dance group, a band, and two universities, we seek to found what is the true European Citizenship nowadays, especially for people living in cities outside of the big mainstream of Lisbon, Athens or Stockholm!

After all, we are ALL EUROPEANS!

The Polytechnic University of Guarda (IPG-Portugal), leads the consortium of BEEUC, having as partners: Patras University (Greece), Klippan wind band (Sweden), Panepirotic Association of Patras (Greece) and Conservatório de Música e Dança de Bragança (Portugal).


Klippan wind band

Klippan wind band was founded in 1918 and has been and is an important part of the cultural life of Klippan municipality and thus to the great joy of the residents. The band has an extensive and listener-friendly repertoire with folk music, classical concert music, popular music, musical and operetta music, traditional marching music and older and newer original works for a wind orchestra.

Panepirotic Association of Patras

The Panepirotic Association of Patras was founded in 1919. It contributes to  social and cultural life mainly in Western Greece. Its activities focus on learning of: traditional greek dances, polyphonic songs, traditional and folk greek songs, performing -theatre and fine of arts. Since 2018 an Association of Volunteer Blood Donors has been established in his auspices. At the same time, the Panepirotic Association of Patras maintains on the one hand a special wardrobe with unique traditional costumes and on the other hand a very rich library. Last but not least, it has been publishing a cultural magazine entitled “Continental Antilles” for 35 years.

Conservatório de Música e Dança de Bragança

Conservatório de Música e Dança de Bragança is a private artistic school managed by a local organization, Fundação “Os Nossos Livros”. Partially funded by public funds, it serves the community with official music and dance programs from preschool to high school. It is the only official music and dance school within the municipality and in neighbour regions. As part of the students curricula, the school houses several music groups. One of the most long-standing ones is BriChoirT, gathering singers aged 9 to 22 to perform a variety of choral music styles.